We know farming. We understand what you struggle with as a farmer, and what insights you need to best run your business.

AgSquared is a technology platform that will help you solve your most pressing problems, make well-informed decisions, and keep things running smoothly every day and throughout each season on your farm.


Our customers use AgSquared to achieve the following:

Food Safety & Compliance

As a farmer, you need to be able to easily provide documentation of your practices for food safety compliance. How can you show that each step was correctly planned and executed? Our system makes it easy to track every operation on your farm, so you can easily show your customers each step of your process down to the smallest details. Where was each planting grown? When was it harvested? What was it sprayed with, when, and by whom? The answers to those questions and many more are easy to produce when you use AgSquared. 

Financial Analytics

Do you know the cost breakdown of your crops? How much do you spend on planting? How much on input? Harvesting? It’s hard to keep track of that without excellent record keeping. Using a spreadsheet or jotting it down on paper is tedious, error-prone, and difficult to keep up with.

With AgSquared, an efficient, easy-to-use system is always in your pocket. Our mobile app allows you to keep records from the field, the packinghouse – or frankly from anywhere at all. And with the right data in hand you can easily see a detailed breakdown of your costs, so you can thoroughly understand your business and make better decisions.


The more you know about what has worked for you in the past, the better you can plan for the future. AgSquared's detailed breakdown of last season’s crop production costs allows you to paint the financial picture for your upcoming season. You’ll be able to tell approximately how much cash and resources you’ll need to carry out your production plan, and what your cash flow will look like throughout the season. Our budgeting system can project your costs from pre-planting through post-harvest, so you can make sure you have the resources you need for a successful season.


Planning on your farm is a juggling act – you need to always have your eye on the big picture of the whole season, even as you shuffle tasks around to meet the needs of the day. Are you planting on time? Will you be prepared for pests when they emerge? Do you have the team you need for harvest? The more you plan, the more you know about the labor and resources you need in advance. The better you plan, the smoother your business will run.


You have to juggle a lot of information to plan effectively. AgSquared allows you to look at every detail of your farm all in one place, so you can just as easily plan for your season as you can for your day or week.

Workflow Management

There’s a lot to get done on your farm each day. If you don’t have a good system, things can get complicated fast. You need to be able to easily come up with a list of tasks, share them with your team, assign them to your workers, and keep track of what’s getting done. 

That’s exactly what our system will help you do. With AgSquared you’ll always know what gets done each day – and you’ll never wonder what your team is up to again.

Purchasing & Inventory

With everything you and your workers have to do on the farm each day, it’s hard to stay on top of your inventories of seeds, fertilizers, and chemicals. We’ve all had that experience of sitting in the tractor and calling a supplier when you’re halfway through a field. Running a business this way is expensive and exhausting.


With AgSqaured you can send purchase orders to suppliers and track each PO through the receiving process. And when a supply is used, our system will automatically deduct it from inventory and alert you when it’s time to reorder. That way you can be sure to always make your purchases before you run out.



Crop Insurance

Things happen. You need to be prepared. If you suffer a loss, you'll need to be able to show the insurance company as much documentation of that loss as possible. AgSquared makes it easy to keep records of all of your farming operations, including your costs. And most importantly, AgSquared keeps all of your records safe, so if disaster strikes, you’ll be prepared.

Labor Tracking & Management

Whether you’re a solo farmer or you have 500 field workers, you need a thorough understanding of how time is spent on your farm.  AgSquared makes it easy for everyone on your team to track the work they do – and then breaks everything down so you can see exactly how much labor cost goes into each crop, each field, and each type of work. And whether you're running payroll, trying to prioritize your week, or making hiring decisions for the upcoming season, AgSquared has the tools you need to put your labor data to work.

Machinery Management

Do you know where all of your tractors are? It shouldn't take three phone calls – and a whole bunch of waiting – to find a piece of machinery on your farm. With AgSquared, you can coordinate equipment use over the course of the day, and easily see where everything is right now and who is using it.

The tracking of machinery hours and acres also helps you manage maintenance schedules and see how machinery costs contribute to your overall cost of production.

Harvest-Sales Coordination

Harvesting can be labor-intensive, time-sensitive, and plain-old chaotic. AgSquared gives your harvest team to the tools they need to stay coordinated and to ensure that they harvest exactly what needs to be harvested each day.

But to truly be organized, your harvest process needs to be coordinated with your sales process. 


We're thrilled to announce that AgSquared and  FarmersWeb can now work together to create a unified workflow from crop planning through sales, so everyone on your team can work easily together to achieve your farm's goals.


Farming costs are predictable: once you've collected data for a year or two, you have a pretty good sense of how you should be spending your money to grow and harvest your crops. AgSquared helps you set very specific benchmarks – such as "labor cost per acre of planting celery" – and then shows you a comparison of your current operations against those benchmarks. That way you can catch issues early in the season and do something about them, rather than waiting until the season is over to catch and fix problems.


Now, more than ever, consumers want to know where their food is coming from. They want to understand the process of how it’s grown – from start to finish – and meet the farmer behind it all. How can you share this information with the public?


AgSquared has a complete record of your crop production, from pre-planting field preparation through post-harvest handling. We offer a variety of ways for you to share that information, to give the consumer transparency into where their food comes from. Consumers will get to you know you, and the food you grow.

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Agronomy Workflow Management

When your database is right in everyone's pocket, it’s easy to empower your field managers and agronomists to review all crop records and make observations – like pest and disease pressure, crop maturity level, and soil health – while they’re in the field. They can observe the crops, compare photos, track information, and summarize everything to help them make the best decisions and recommendations as quickly as possible.

Harvest Forecasting

Are you always struggling to keep your sales team informed about which products are about to become available? With AgSquared, your planting records automatically generate a harvest calendar, and your field observations keep it up-to-date as the season progresses. This way, your sales and marketing team never has to ask you what's coming, and they can keep customers in the loop about any variations that may occur.



Visualization is key when trying to get everyone on the same page about where things need to be done on a farm. Our mobile app makes it easy for you to use the GPS on your phone or tablet to map the locations of your fields, crops, activities, and observations. You can easily record things where they happen, when they happen – and share it with your team immediately.


AgSquared was designed from day one to provide effortless traceability. You and your team keep your field records day by day, one activity at a time, but under the hood AgSquared's gears are turning to keep track of how everything is connected. By the time you're harvesting, AgSquared can tell you every input that was used on that field, every person who came in contact with the product, every piece of machinery that had entered the field and the last time it had been cleaned, etc. etc. etc. When you keep your records in AgSquared, any kind of traceability documentation you may need is just a button press away. 

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