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We are farmers, agriculture experts and technologists who are passionate about helping farmers run their businesses as best as they possibly can.

Jeff Froikin-Godon, Ph.D. & Giulia Stellari, Ph.D.

Meet the Founders

Jeff Froikin-Gordon, Ph.D.
Giulia Stellari, Ph.D.

It’s our background

that makes us different.

We met in the early 2000's in graduate school at Cornell University, where we both studied agriculture and shared a passion for food, farming, and sustainability. Research in plant breeding took us all over the world – from smallholder farms in West Africa to complex farm businesses in California – where we had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with farmers.


We discovered that farmers had no reliable system for keeping records – everything was done with pencil and paper or in a spreadsheet. Recording data was a chore – and since it rarely yielded results, it was rarely given priority.


It was (and still is!) our belief that great farm records open up a world of possibilities for farmers, empowering them to understand the drivers of success in their businesses, to make well-informed decisions, and to make their businesses more productive, more profitable, more sustainable, and more transparent. It was not lost on us (and still is not!) that many of these outcomes would be beneficial not just to farmers, but to the broader food and agriculture value chain as well.

It became our passion to create a system that would make farm recordkeeping easy. Before programming even one line of code, we spent countless hours brainstorming with farmers, poring over their notebooks and spreadsheets to figure out what they needed, what works, and how to make software that they would actually use.

Soon after, AgSquared was born.


Fast forward almost 10 years, and AgSquared has grown more than we could ever have imagined. With advances in mobile technology, AgSquared now lives in the field, in the board room, and everywhere in between. It seamlessly connects farm workers, field managers, agronomists, sales teams, and business decision-makers, and helps them manage and document their work and make well-informed decisions.

Recently, we've extended our reach to consumers, allowing farms and food businesses to package up their ​production data into accessible stories that help consumers learn about where their food comes from and how it is grown. We are so excited to be on the cutting edge of helping innovative farmers and food companies use day-to-day farm records as a tool for greater transparency around food safety and sustainability.

We can't wait to see what the next 10 years will bring! As technology continues to grow in importance in food and agriculture, we will continue to focus our expertise in farm process management on helping to streamline the way data gets collected and used to create a more productive, profitable, sustainable, and transparent value chain for food and agriculture.

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