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AgSquared connects everything and everyone on your farm .




AgSquared empowers your entire farming team – field managers, agronomists, tractor drivers, and crew leaders – to access the information they need to make informed decisions.



Field Records 


Visual Analytics

Our simple-to-use mobile app streamlines field operations - so that everyone knows what they need to do, and everything gets recorded.

Reports and dashboards pull together data from across your entire operation to help you understand your business, make informed decisions, and document compliance.

Step 1

Coordinate your entire team

The AgSquared platform is fully cloud-based, so no matter where you are – the field, the packing house, the office, the boardroom, or even on the road – you can make use of your data to answer the questions that will help you improve your business today and in the future.

A mobile app in the hand of every member of your crew.

With AgSquared, your crew becomes the most powerful data collection tool on your farm. Farm workers love AgSquared because it is easy to use and helps them do their jobs well.
Step 2

Access powerful insights

Reports and Dashboards pull together the field collected data from across your entire operation to help your management team:
  • Visualize key performance indicators;
  • Understand business outcomes;
  • Make informed decisions;
  • Maintain and produce all documentation necessary for compliance.
Step 3


AgSquared helps you have a fuller picture of everything happening on your farm.

What makes AgSquared different?

 We are farming experts
AgSquared was founded by vegetable breeders who saw the need for better management tools on the farms they worked with. We are an agricultural company first, a tech company second.
 We focus on specialty crops
We work with growers of over 200 different crops, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, herbs, and flowers. Chances are, if it happens on your farm, our software can handle it.
 We adapt to your workflow
There’s no one right way to run a farm – different crops, different regions, different growing practices, and different business models all call for different workflows. We don’t expect you to change the way you farm to fit our software – we built our software to be highly flexible, so that it can be easily configured to fit the way you farm.
 We hold your hand
You’ve probably never used an all-in-one farm management platform before. We don’t expect you to know how to get started. We’ll be there for you every step of the way.
We move fast
We build our own software in-house, and we’ve developed it for maximum configurability. Requests for custom workflows or reports can often be turned around in just days.
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