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Your farm is unique,

so we created something

that can be easily configured

to meet your needs.

As the manager of a farm, you have a lot to think about – Am I using my available resources effectively? Am I on target with costs of production? Have I stayed on track with the harvest calendar? Am I following all of the chemical safety rules and keeping appropriate documentation? The list goes on.

The biggest question of all – how are you supposed to manage all of that and stay on top of daily operations?

You need excellent recordkeeping, but you need more than that – you need a system that tracks your laborers, keeps you in compliance with chemical safety rules, helps you budget and understand exactly what you spend on each crop, keeps you on top of machinery maintenance, and is perfectly configured to the needs of your farm.


TOTALFARM is that system.

Better workflow management, the ability to easily produce compliance documents, detailed analytics, and most importantly, a better understanding of your farm, so you can make the best possible decisions.


TotalFarm is highly configurable. You can configure it yourself, or we can do it for you.


Works for any farm,

no matter how unique.

You know your farm best. You know which crops you can grow well in which fields, which practices are most effective, and who to call when you need to get something done. What you need is a system that everyone can have at their fingertips that will keep things running smoothly, help you make well-informed decisions, and enable you to share information with whomever needs to see it.

That’s where we come in. AgSquared TOTALFARM is a technology platform that puts all of the information you need in one place – crop history, inventory management, machinery reports, labor tracking, and more. And it's highly configurable so that you can tailor it to fit in perfectly with the way you do things on your farm.

With TOTALFARM you can:

  • Map your farm

  • Manage your farm's daily task list

  • Manage all resources - your team, equipment, and inputs

  • Keep detailed records of the work that gets done each day

  • Record field observations with photos and notes

  • Track your harvests and yields

  • See a breakdown of costs of production for each of your plantings

  • Configure your team’s workflows and SOPs

  • Streamline regular record keeping tasks with activity templates

  • Create detailed seasonal crop plans, harvest forecasts, and budgets

  • Track purchasing and inventory

  • Implement chemical safety rules, including automatic PHI and REI notifications

  • See detailed reporting including yields, financial metrics, and food safety

  • Produce traceability reports tracking crops from seeds to sale


Ready to run your farm as efficiently as possible?

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