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Are you a business in

the food and agriculture space?

AgSquared was built with you in mind, too.

If you’re in the food and agriculture industry, you know it’s becoming more and more important to consumers to understand where their food is coming from. They want to know that their food is grown safely, that the farmer uses sustainable practices, and even have the opportunity to meet the farmer behind it all. Consumers want transparency, and you want to give it to them.


You also know just how important food safety is for your own operations. You need your farmers to be able to provide traceability documentation and you want to make it easy for them.

Introducing FIELDTRACE – an AgSquared product dedicated to you.
With each product lot, FIELDTRACE can help you with:


Show consumers where, how and by whom their food was grown

Create a QR code that leads to a beautifully branded product detail webpage for consumers


Pass detailed information on farming practices into any blockchain compliant traceability system

Produce detailed reports of food safety practices

Consumers are asking and now

you can answer.

We set out to create a software platform for farmers to manage their farms and make it easy for them to record data.  As a result of the information they record, farmers can produce documentation of how they grow their food, and from that, create a story to share with consumers. Our system can automatically take the many thousands of records from a season, pull out the information consumers want to know about, and package it into a beautiful and informative webpage that will enhance your brand.


You’ll feel good about the food you sell and your customers will too.

What’s in it for the farmers?

AgSquared is an all-in-one farm management software platform to help farmers be more productive, profitable, sustainable, and efficient. We built this software knowing just how powerful great records can be. When we learned that most farms use spreadsheets or paper and a pencil to record data, we knew there was an easier way. We’re proud to say that great records have given our farmers great success.


Detailed and accurate records – that are easy to record and found in one place – also means that farmers have the ability to trace back almost anything. They can see every detail for each crop from the day they were planted to the day of harvest. This means that they can grant you, as their customer, access to all of the information you need.


Worried that your farmers won’t be up for the change? Don’t be.


By encouraging your farmers to use our system, you are, quite frankly, doing them a favor.  We’re not changing their process – we’re just helping them make it simpler. Once your farmers see what’s in it for them, they’ll be excited to dive in.


Ready to get started? Get in touch today.

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