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We’ve made recordkeeping easy.

AgSquared provides all-in-one farm management software built to help you be more productive, profitable, sustainable, and transparent. Our products make it easy to keep great records, manage day-to-day operations, and focus on bigger picture goals.


We understand that every farm is different. If you’re unsure which product will best suit your farm, please feel free to reach out, and we’ll be happy to help you find the best solution.

Small farms are complicated! Let us bring some simplicity into your life.

$10 / user / month up to 5 users

​SIMPLEFARM is a mobile platform that allows you and your team to:

  • Map your farm

  • Manage your farm's daily task list

  • Manage all resources - your team, equipment, and inputs

  • Keep detailed records of the work that gets done each day

  • Record field observations with photos and notes

  • Track your harvests and yields

  • See a breakdown of costs of production for each of your plantings

Learn more about SIMPLEFARM

Your farm is unique.

Configure our system to perfectly support your operations.

$50 / user / month on up to 500 acres

Everything in SIMPLEFARM, plus:

  • Configure your team’s workflows and SOPs

  • Streamline regular record keeping tasks with activity templates

  • Create detailed seasonal crop plans, harvest forecasts, and budgets

  • Track purchasing and inventory

  • Implement chemical safety rules, including automatic PHI and REI notifications

  • See detailed reporting including yields, financial metrics, and food safety

  • Produce traceability reports tracking crops from seeds to sale


Learn more about TOTALFARM

Let us take responsibility for your success with data, so you can focus on farming.

Contact us for pricing

What are the challenges you face? What are the goals you want to pursue?


We are the leading team of experts in farm process management.  When you sign up for AgSquared ENTERPRISE we'll work with you to identify and prioritize your goals, and then we'll configure, implement, and monitor your farm management system for you.


Learn more about ENTERPRISE

Are you a business in the food and agriculture space?
Introducing FIELDTRACE – an AgSquared product dedicated to you.
With each product lot, FIELDTRACE can help you with:



Show consumers where, how and by whom their food was grown.

Create a QR code that leads to a beautifully branded product detail webpage for consumers.

Pass detailed information on farming practices into any blockchain compliant traceability system.

Produce detailed reports of food safety practices.

We know what farmers need

AgSquared can handle any farm size, any crop, and any practice. We understand what data farms need to excel, what tools they need to simplify processes, and which practices are going to make a difference in operations. This is because we were farming experts long before we were software developers. We did the work. We tested our products on real farms. And we’ve been watching our clients excel for nearly 10 years.


No matter which option you choose, our products are built with expansion, succession, and sustainability in mind.

Our system grows as you grow.

You can’t grow your business if you don’t have a scalable system. What works for a small team won’t work for a large one - so there’s no point in investing the time and effort in adopting a better system if it can’t grow with you.


You need a system that works for 3 people or 300 and is able to keep up as your farm grows.

We’ll help prepare you for change.

Is your farm prepared for change? If you lost a critical person on your team today, are you prepared to hire someone new? Where is all of the information kept? Can you pass it on easily?


If information is kept “in someone’s head,” you’re taking a risk. You can’t rely on just one person – you need a system that spells everything out and holds all of the data you could possibly need. Because change happens, and you need to be prepared.

You focus on the work,
and we'll focus on the documentation

Chances are that you already use sustainable practices and plan to adopt more. You want to be able to share that with your customers, but you need a better way.


AgSquared is a great system for keeping track of the practices you use and producing documentation of your efforts.

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