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A Message from AgSquared's Founders:

When Local Dirt was getting its start in 2005, it was one of the first companies to focus on streamlining the relationship between food producers and their local markets. Now, nearly 15 years later, we’re so happy to see that there is a robust and growing community of businesses that help farms of every scale move fresher and more local food to market.

At AgSquared we specialize in providing tools to help growers make their farming operations more productive, profitable, sustainable, and transparent. We've really enjoyed the opportunity to give Local Dirt a home over these last few years, but helping farmers sell their products has never been our area of expertise. As other companies have stepped up to provide ever more powerful services on the sales side, we’ve seen less and less of a role for Local Dirt in that ecosystem.

For that reason, we have shut down Local Dirt. If you were previously using Local Dirt, please reach out to us to discuss alternative services that might meet your needs.


We have begun to integrate AgSquared’s farm management tools with various sales tools in the marketplace to help farms of different types and scales better coordinate their field operations with their sales operations. We are thrilled to introduce our first such integration with FarmersWeb, an easy-to-use online software platform that helps farms inform their buyers of product availability, handle orders, send invoices, keep track of payments, simplify customer interactions, and more. We encourage you to check out FarmersWeb, which we believe is a great alternative to Local Dirt, and to learn more about what you can do with AgSquared and FarmersWeb together.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the Local Dirt community over the last 15 years! You have all been innovators in local food systems, and we are very grateful to you for that.

With warmest regards,

Giulia and Jeff

Founders of AgSquared

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