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 Crop Plan Import

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Patrick Boulger

Ridge to Reef Farm

U.S Virgin Islands

Saving time with the crop plan import tool

Patrick manages vegetable production and CSA operations for a farm located on the island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. The year-round growing season leaves him little time for crop planning, so having an organized system that allows him to meet customers’ continual needs is very important to the stability and viability of the farm business. In addition, the farm is complex and includes numerous different enterprises such as CSA, an online farmers market, restaurant sales, and agrotourism with farm stays. Patrick is therefore managing production at multiple scales – from feeding agrotourism guests to filling customer’s CSA boxes – and needs to be organized if he’s going to be able to grow the operation and ensure stable production output year-round.

Patrick signed up for AgSquared as a way to organize his record keeping. His old pen-and-paper record keeping system was very cluttered and riddled with information gaps, which had to be filled in from memory (if they could be filled in at all!). Since the farm is certified organic, good crop production record keeping is not just an organizational tool, it’s a business requirement. But Patrick’s old system left him unsure as to whether he had all the information on hand that was needed for organic certification.

With AgSquared Patrick was able to easily create organized electronic records of all of his crop plans. He used AgSquared’s spreadsheet import tool to quickly enter his crop production plans into AgSquared, and then filled in additional details by hand as needed. The entire data entry process took just 15 hours, a time investment which Patrick spread out over the course of a week or two. Now with just 15 to 20 minutes of computer time each day Patrick can update his records to match what happens in the field. And with AgSquared Patrick will save time year after year, since this year’s crop plans can be duplicated for next year’s plantings. This will allow Patrick to focus on adapting each year’s plan to reflect the growing diversity of the farm's operations – without needing to start the planning process from scratch.

Most importantly, the accuracy and timeliness of Patrick’s crop records will make it easy for him to maintain the farm's organic certification, ensuring that the business will remain stable even as it diversifies production. 

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