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Task Management

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Eric Rozendaal

Rockville Market Farm

Starksboro, Vermont

Staying on track with a daily to-do list

Eric’s farm is an integrated operation featuring a 25 acre market garden along with meat and egg production. Eric’s crop production efforts focus on providing a variety of vegetables to 300 CSA families in upper Vermont, and serving restaurants and stores in his region. Eric’s style of farming is intuitive – he does not spend much time crop planning in the off-season. Instead he relies on his 16 years of farming experience and his deep knowledge of his customers to guide his crop production plans.

Like many farmers, Eric has a hard time staying on top of his farm’s lengthy to-do list and keeping himself focused in the middle of the busy growing season. In the past he has used paper calendars and Google Calendar to keep track of farm tasks, but he’s found that it is easy to lose track of uncompleted tasks as the days roll by. In addition Eric’s farm is under constant pressure to get things done with a limited crew, so Eric needs to be organized in order to make the most of his team’s time.

AgSquared makes the management of Eric’s farm easier. At the beginning of each week, Eric enters into AgSquared a list of everything that needs to get done on the farm. Then each morning he checks his AgSquared calendar to see what is on the schedule for the day before heading out to the field to give his crew their jobs. At the end of each day Eric checks off what tasks his crew was able to complete, and reschedules any tasks that need to be postponed. This simple process helps Eric manage his limited labor pool more efficiently so that he can get everything done with the hands he has available.

To deal with the challenge that is common to farming of having to schedule tasks that need to be done, but that have no set due dates, Eric uses AgSquared's floating activities feature. These tasks are hard to schedule and easy to forget, but AgSquared ensures that they don’t get left behind even at the peak of the growing season.

Thanks to AgSquared’s calendar system, Eric saves himself time each and every day, and by staying organized he ensures that his workers are as productive as possible. 

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