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Farm Mapping

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RJ McDonald

Upper Bench Organics

Keremos, BC

Keeping up-to-date with an easy-to-edit farm map

RJ is a market grower located in the Pacific Northwest. His ever-expanding organic fruit operation features many different crops and dozens upon dozens of varieties. RJ was looking for a tool that would make it simple for him to map his farm, and that would make it easy to keep the map up to date as his farm grows. He signed up for AgSquared after a friend of his suggested that the software would help him map his farm.

Having a well-drawn map is very important to RJ’s farm business, because every time an inspector visits, whether for organic certification or for GAPs compliance, RJ needs to provide a map of his farm. Over the years RJ’s farm has proved challenging to map because he has many different fields, each one of which is uniquely shaped. No matter how hard he tried, it was difficult for him to create a hand-drawn farm map that accurately represented his farm and that was easy to keep up-to-date as he modified his stands or added a new building to the property.

AgSquared’s simple drawing tools have made it easy for RJ to create a farm map and to keep it up to date no matter how much his farm grows year after year, and no matter how he chooses to rearrange his fields. RJ was able to locate his farm using AgSquared’s built in satellite imagery, and then use this aerial view to place all of his farm’s fields and buildings on a single map. He was even able to list the rooms inside each of these buildings and designate what they are used for, which helps RJ show that he’s in compliance with good agricultural handling practices. And AgSquared’s landmark mapping feature has helped RJ point out unique aspects of his farm’s layout, like where he keeps his compost piles and which trees are important wildlife refuges. Year after year RJ can save time – as his farm grows, he updates his map with just a few clicks, and feels certain knowing that all of his important information is securely saved and always accessible.

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