Case Studies

See how farmers are making the most of Agsquared.

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RJ McDonald

Upper Bench Organics

Keremos, BC

Keeping up-to-date with an easy-to-edit farm map

RJ's organic fruit operation features a diversity of fruit crops and varieties. RJ uses AgSquared's mapping tools to create and keep his farm map up to date, simplifying how he maintains field records for organic certification.

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Eric Rozendaal

Rockville Market Farm

Starksboro, Vermont

Staying on track with a daily to-do list

Eric is a mixed vegetable and egg producer in Central Vermont. He uses AgSquared to streamline the day-to-day management of his farm. By spending just a few minutes each day reviewing his AgSquared calendar Eric stays on top of all of his farming jobs and to-do items, keeping his team maximally productive.

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Patrick Boulger

Ridge to Reef Farm

U.S Virgin Islands

Saving time with the crop plan import tool

Patrick's 15 acre CSA and agrotourism operation is in production year-round, making crop planning a crucial part of his job. He saves time by using AgSquared's crop plan import tool, and is secure knowing that he has detailed crop-by-crop records on hand for organic certification compliance.

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