Meet AgSquared

We are passionate about helping small farms be more productive, profitable, and sustainable.


AgSquared has received federal grant support from both the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These grants allow us to conduct research and build features that go beyond AgSquared's core product roadmap.

  • NSF STTR Phase I Award No. 1332117

    This grant funds the development of tools that will enable growers to make better decisions about when to apply composts and manures to their crops and fields, and how much to apply. Growers will be able to use the new soil nutrient management software tools to tailor their nutrient applications to maximize crop yields while keeping costs low and protecting the environment. This project is a collaboration between Professor Laurie Drinkwater of Cornell University's Department of Horticulture and AgSquared.

  • USDA NIFA SBIR Phase I Award No. 2012-33610-19480
    USDA NIFA SBIR Phase II Award No. 2013-03054

    These grants allow AgSquared to prototype and develop a harvest data capture mobile application that will enable farmers to quickly and easily capture information about how much of each of their crops they have harvested right from the packing house or the field. AgSquared will use its SBIR funds to complete its work on the AgSquared harvest mobile app, field-test the software, and ready it for public release in early 2014.