Meet AgSquared

We are passionate about helping small farms be more productive, profitable, and sustainable.

Our Story

A note from AgSquared's co-founders, Jeff Froikin-Gordon and Giulia Stellari

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Our company was started on a simple premise: that better plans, streamlined management, and more complete records can help make farms more productive, more profitable and more sustainable.

We met in graduate school at Cornell, where we shared back-to-back desks and a passion for food and sustainability. Our research in agriculture – Jeff’s in Africa and Giulia’s in the U.S. - showed us that sustainability is not just a buzz-word, but rather a key concept that if embraced can help ensure the continued vibrancy of small scale farms around the world. Through our travels and our many conversations with farmers, we began to zero in on a missing link in the sustainability equation – easy-to-use tools for successful farm planning, management and record keeping.  Seeing so many farmers who, amidst the controlled chaos of a farming season, remain deeply committed to improving their practices, and yet still struggle to learn from their successes and failures, inspired us to tackle this problem and build AgSquared.

Before programming even one line of code, we spent countless hours poring over farm notebooks, spreadsheets, and books about farm planning and management techniques, to figure out what farmers need, what works, and how to make software that farmers would actually use. We realized that the internet presented a huge opportunity for offering cutting-edge farming tools at a cost so low that anyone, no matter how small their operation, could afford it. In 2009, we founded AgSquared to create what we hope will be the perfect farm planning, management and record keeping software.

As always, we are grateful to all of the farmers who have donated their time, and shown their support for AgSquared's product, mission and values.