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Record keeping software tailor-made for your farm.
  • 267,542 Plantings planned
  • 39,339 Fields managed
  • 1,189,164 Farming tasks recorded
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    Get your season started on the

    right foot with crop planning

    tools that help you plan your

    planting schedule, calculate

    your seed order, and map your

    field layouts.


    Stay on top of your farming

    tasks all season long with a

    calendar smart enough to keep

    your production plans on

    schedule - even when things

    don't go exactly as planned.

    Record Keeping

    Simple record keeping tools

    help you keep track of

    everything that happens on your

    farm, and keep your records

    beautifully organized so that you

    can always find just what you're

    looking for.

What our users say

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    Seldom does a "killer app"

    software solution come

    along that has the potential

    to revolutionize an

    industry... In the case of

    AgSquared, one could argue

    that diversified vegetable

    farms are about to

    undertake such a revolution.

    David Baker

    Owner of Primrose Valley Farm

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    AgSquared will help us with

    organization, information

    management, planning, and

    what we really hope it does

    is help us find our mistakes.

    That will save us time and

    money, which in turn will

    make us more profitable.

    Joan Norman

    Owner of One Straw Farm

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    AgSquared allows us to

    quickly see what is

    happening on the farm and

    what needs to happen next.

    No more referring back to

    paper plans and calendars

    that could be lost or


    Joseph Bozzelli

    Owner of Five Elements Farm

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